Investment Seminar: Protect Your 401(k) from Market Volatility

The Investment Seminar was successfully held onOct 4, 2019. Our speaker Daniel Koh from Roo4All, delivered to the audience a very educational speech about how to protect the 401(k) from the market volatility.

Volatile markets destroy retirement accounts. Current interest rates, as well as FED rate direction, are all pointing down. As such, bank deposits, annuities, or traditional real estate investments are not the best places to put your hard earned money. It’s either not safe enough, or the returns are just too low (<5%). Roof4All has perfected an investment strategy that is safe, passive, and high net. We’ve evolved the real estate investing experience from one that’s very active and time consuming, to one that’s entirely passive. Rather than meager Bay Area returns, our strategy doubles/triples/even quadruples it. 

Imagine 401(k) and IRA returns that go up every year and not down. Now, imagine for many years, that return to be a fixed and consistent 3x-4x money market returns. Predictable. Stable. Fixed. As a rough comparison, $100,000 invested in Roof4All would have yielded more than double what the S&P 500 stock index returned during the past 20 years, but without the high risk volatility.

Our niche market strategy utilizes the government sponsored Section 8 program to achieve safe and stable returns. If there is market turmoil on a global macro scale, Roof4All is well positioned to not only weather the storm, but also earn significant returns for investors. Investors realize high net passive returns, while enjoying freedom from management duties. Investors invest in real estate, but do not pay for management expenses. They do not deal with tenants, nor do they worry about vacancies. Furthermore, there are no expenses or fees and best of all, it’s entirely passive.

This event was co-hosted by:

Silicon Valley Innovation Combinator

Innerstate Coworking

Roof 4 All


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