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SVIC: Full Service Platform for Innovations and Entrepreneurship of Technology Startups

SVIC is committed to building a Silicon Valley based platform and ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship of technology startups, providing enterprises with capital funding and integrated services for incubation, acceleration and listing, by deeply involved in all crucial stages of the startup developments.

We focus on: IoT,  Fintech, AI,  Robotics & Automation, Big Data, Healthtech, Retails,  Blockchain and other high tech industries.

As part of our entrepreneurship platform, we have eight innovative startup organizations and groups in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, with nearly 50,000 members:

  • Silicon Valley Startup Incubation And Acceleration
  • Bay Area Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Bay Area Chinese Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Startup Founders, Cofounders, Entrepreneurs and Engineers
  • Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers, Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • Silicon Valley New Technology Startups
  • San Francisco Entrepreneurs & Startups
  • San Francisco Startup Incubation And Acceleration

Since 2012, more than 510 events have been organized, assisted and sponsored, which has led to the establishment of more than 220 startup companies. Successfully docked 75 projects, of which 31 projects received investment intentions.

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